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January 2015 Retro Gaming Article

January 4, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo had another StreetPass event with “World StreetPass” during the holidays

World StreetPass I'm a big fan of Nintendo's handhelds. I wasn't always a handheld fan - regardless of manufacturer. But it's hard to ignore the cohesion between Nintendo software and hardware. My 2DS delivers a really great experience with some brilliant connectivity!

When my son comes to visit, we love to download a few new games and go on StreetPass journeys to all the local relay points and gaming haunts along the way.

From December 24, 2014 to January 4, 2015 Nintendo expanded the Nintendo Zones to allow StreetPasses from across North America to Europe! They've done these events in the past to spur interest in "never leaving home without your 3DS". This time they let you get StreetPasses from other continents!

StreetPass in Decline?

The idea is pretty cool and I got some interesting Miis from afar and my son found someone from Hawaii - he'd been wanting to fill in Hawaii on the SP Map. As fun as we find StreetPassing, it seems fewer people are bringing the 3DS along for the ride.

In an era of smartphones and too little time for everything, many of us have scaled back to the bare minimum. Often the "non essentials" are left at home. But isn't the 3DS a necessity!?! Sure it is, but... StreetPass Relay Stations have emerged to deliver StreetPasses that have lessened in day-to-day interactions.

Even the Nintendo Zone page no longer displays all Zones in one finder-tool. They now link you to "partner" store locator pages. So, if you're seeking a Nintendo Zone or need to find a Best Buy, AT&T store or McDonalds restaurant, then you're all set. Formerly, the Nintendo locator tool displayed my local Home Depot and Barnes & Noble. I've been unable to get StreetPasses from either location in the last few days.

Outside of the Mii Plaza, most games incorporating StreetPass tech tend to be pretty plain - StreetPasses simply acknowledge ownership of the same title. Games like Tomodachi Life make creative use of StreetPasses and integrate it into the game play. I wish more titles would take the time to really understand the StreetPass and use it to enhance games, rather than tacking it on as an afterthought.

StreetPass is a cool concept and really makes the social aspect of the 3DS come alive in game play. It adds an extra dimension that makes the 3DS very unique. So... bring along your 3DS and leave it in sleep mode!! It's more fun ;)

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