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September 24, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If I lived like Miley I'd own every video game, game console, & arcade game... and air hockey

Miley Cyrus VMA 2015
In today's world of attention deficit, we're too quick to judge those who are different. We often miss the lessons they offer...
I largely ignored Disney's Hannah Montana show although I thought it was interesting that Miley and her IRL father were both on the show and music had permeated their lives both on and off screen. It was a unique casting situation to say the least.

Miley Cyrus on a Marshall Amp Stories and rumors of the Hanna Montana star gone wild permeated entertainment news for a while. None of the tabloid tales jibed with the wholesome aura of Hanna. When the show ran it's course and went off the air, Miley went the opposite direction as an escape from her Disney character to be herself. I'm sure some young fans were traumatized by her antics, but in the end everyone deserves the opportunity to be themselves?

How often does the conversation turn to, "if I won the lottery" or "If I had a million dollars"? Kids need to be inspired by the realities in life, not the fictitious characters that become heroes. As a kid I loved watching"The Six Million Dollar Man". I loved the backstory and how the accident didn't ruin him - it enabled him to move on to incredible new things.

As an analogy, today's kids seem to seek an "accident" that might leave them with "bionic" abilities, rather than realizing they can put themselves on a track to achieve what they think bionics might grant them. It's fun to emulate heroes as a kid and the same inspiration can help in adult life, but kids need to be taught that greatness comes from within - it's not emulated.

I have a lot of respect for Cyrus chasing after what she wanted and her ability to do things her way. The media tries to react in shock as though she's lost her mind, but she's doing things her way - which is a luxury in this world.

The Hannah Lesson

On that Disney show, all her fans wanted to be her... to be Hannah Montana. It was portrayed as the goal - something to strive for. In the midst of the TV storyline, actress Miley Cyrus just wanted to be herself. Doesn't everyone just want the freedom to be ourselves?

When the real Miley emerged, she was derided for not being her TV character. Kids need to know that being yourself is thee best thing you can be and doing tings your way is good. Following the heard doesn't lead to success. Don't sign your kids up for Twitter and Facebook. Sign them up for an after-school computer class, drama club, or anything that makes them think! Don't let them believe that value comes from the number of likes or follows you have. A lot of adults need this lesson.

Being spectacular isn't terribly difficult. Most people don't bother thinking it's plausible. If you don't continually strive to rise, you will always have to settle for less.

DHannah Montana World Spolight game for Wii
Hannah Montana Music Jam game for DS Don't be Hanna. She's a fictitious character. Be Miley! She was an actress who played the Hanna character. And look where it took her! Acting led to music, which opened doors to TV appearances and the ability to build clout to later do things her way.

Be Miley. Be yourself. Your ideas and unique perspective are what will take you places. Hanna is just a fabricated character. Live in reality!

Billy Idol & Miley Cyrus at the iHeart Music Festival

I decided to watch the iHeart Music Festival on TV when I heard Billy Idol was opening it up. How cool is that!?! Then he announced a special guest would join him on stage for a song. I was astounded to hear him announce Miley Cyrus - and she was awesome alongside Idol. They performed Rebel Yell and it was such a great combo of classic Billy Idol with Miley's powerful stage presence.

Crazy cool opportunities come to those who follow their own path... and I'm sure a bit of good luck doesn't hurt. Jealousy is a devastating condition and success is the best revenge.

Billy Idol & Miley Cyrus at the iHeart Music Festival
Billy Idol & Miley Cyrus at the iHeart Music Festival

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