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July 2017 Retro Gaming Article

July 29, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Unimpressed with 3D, I opted for the 2DS slab-model and now love the 2DS XL

Nintendo 2DS XL
The new design of the 2DS XL is wonderfully similar to the New 3DS without the 3D capability.
I"m sure the pricing wouldn't have been inline with what we have come to expect, but I wish this new 2DS had originally launched as a 3DS Lite. It's a great handheld console complete with the C-stick, larger screens, and amiibo support!

Dislike 3D? Dive into the 3DS game library with the 2DS XL!
I've said this in several prior posts - I ried to like the 3D effect, but found it disruptive and not a facet that really enhanced my enjoyment of games. I bought the initial 2DS for cost savings and to dive into the 3DS game library, which is full of great titles both physical and via the eShop.

I purchased the slab-model of 2DS when it was $80, so the $150 price tag of the 2DS X may seem high. I also feel this 2DS really has a lot more to offer and is still $50 less than the 3DS Xl. I'm hoping this will give new life to Nintendo's handheld console business... I'm secretly addicted to StreetPass!

While the Switch certainly has portable capabilities, I can't treat it the same without StreetPass or it's cost. I bring my 2DS everywhere, but the Switch stays home for the most part out of fear of dropping it. My 2DS is outfitted with a nerf case that's quite robust when it comes to tumbles.

If you haven't had a Nintendo handheld for a while, this may be a great fit for you to enjoy the 3DS game library!

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