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November 2017 Retro Gaming Article

November 18, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Activision's Call of Duty: WWII offers 15 built-in playable retro games

Call of Duty: WWII built-in playable retro games
The latest version of COD lets you take a break in the form of playing classic Activision games previously released on the Atari 2600.
Retro gaming is everywhere! You'll even find it hiding inside one of the more prominent FPS games of our modern gaming era. Within the game, if you venture to The Headquarters - a virtual social hub - there is an R & R area where you can rest and relax with some of your favorite Activision games from gaming's early days.

River Raid in COD: WWII During routing COD game play, you can earn armory credits that let you unlock these retro games. Each title has been re-worked to operate with your console's controller. Not everyone gets it, as pointed out in a Kotaku post in which they showcase some YouTuber reactions to these games.

I guess everyone can't be expected to appreciate the retro goodness of COD's R&R area, but playing Pitfall II on a PS4 is a pretty cool option!

The list of games includes: Barnstorming, Boxing, Chopper Command, Cosmic Commuter, Demon Attack, Enduro, Fishing Derby, Grand Prix, Kaboom!, Pitfall II, Private Eye, River Raid, Seaquest, Skiing, and Spider Fighter.

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