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July 2017 Retro Gaming Article

July 25, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Dreamcade Replay runs Windows 10, with features not found in many retro gaming consoles

Dreamcade Replay
Anyone lamenting the dearth of NES Classic Editions is besieged by Raspberry Pi fanatics, but there are other gaming options.
8/1/17 Update:
The Dreamcade Replay Kickstarter campaign is back in business. The intellectual property dispute issue seems to have been resolved. Pay attention to the details of the campaign page regarding any changes to the campaign's original offering.

7/28/17 Update:
Yesterday we received an email notification from Dream Arcades stating they were contacted by a third-party law firm regarding the inclusion of Atari games (intellectual property dispute) with their Dreamcade Replay on Kickstarter. It sounded as though this is a glitch or misunderstanding based on the relationship they claim with Atari.

Today we received a similar email from Kickstarter's Integrity team confirming the legal issues and stating the Kickstarter campaign will be put on hold until the issue is resolved. This will account for the "disappearance" of the Dreamcade Replay info on Kickstarter. All claims infer this is a misunderstanding and should be resolved within days. That would be great, but legai issues can drag on for months if not years over total trivia. We hope to see this cool project move forward and deliver a kick-ass console, but now is the time to be mindful of what is going on that may impede the campaign's success.

While many gamers play ROMS, from Atari and Nintendo to Sega and Sony, on computers, smaller ROM-based game consoles are often built around single board computers (SBC). Raspberry Pi is one of the popular solutions to running multiple emulators for a wide variety of retro game consoles.

Dream Arcades have a more powerful solution for $99. It's small in size, based on Windows 10, and plays the games from nearly every console made in the 70s through the 90s. That's a lot of video games! Their Dreamcade Replay is already funded on Kickstarter, but still has a few weeks until it's conclusion - with additional stretch goals.

Dreamcade Replay For the price conscious retro gamer, a Raspberry Pi running RetroPi can offer a lot of variety when it comes to playing old console and arcade games. But some of the later commercial consoles can tax the power of these SBCs.

Some PS1 and N64 emulators can overwhelm Pi-based devices. Your home computer has the power to tackle this issue, but what about those of us who love consoles and playing together on the living room TV?

Dreamcade Replay, from Dream Arcades, runs on Windows 10, has twice the power of Pi-based consoles, and boasts a robust software solution for managing games, adding more games, and controller compatibility.

ROMs exist in a legal gray-area in some instances and many manufacturers tout thousands of games, but their products don't really make it easy to play this massive array of games that exist across the web. It's wort noting this console comes with over 100 pre-installed games (listed on their KS page) and a solid strategy for expanding it's game library via USB and online streaming.

Check out the Dreamcade Replay Kickstarter campaign for more detailed descriptions of this console's offerings. I like that it seems more robust than the Raspberry Pi solutions and offers many options outside of gaming by being a Win10 device. Naturally, it supports keyboards and mice. Pretty slick!

Dream Arcades has been building multi-game arcade machines since 2003, however, these aren't individual build-to-order cabs coming from a small shop. Having streamlined their products, their factory can build hundreds of arcades at a time in an assembly line. Having done this type of work suggests they know how to bring new products to market, unlike many Kickstarter folks. Give their campaign a look and see if this project matches your gaming cravings.

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