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November 2017 Retro Gaming Article

November 12, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Are Geoffrey Funko figure sales fueled by nostalgia or the Toys R Us bankruptcy?

Geoffrey The Giraffe Funko figure
I jumped on amiibo when first released, but vinyl figures never interested me until Geoffrey The Giraffe arrived.
I grew up buying G.I. Joe figures and playsets at Toys R Us. A visit to Toys R Us was a momentous event when I was a kid. Having resisted most urges to "grow up", I still love that store and my son and I frequently prowl the aisles for our favorite things.

I'm a huge fan of collecting stuff, but most of the various vinyl figures look the same to me. I don't see enough individuality between all these figures to find them interesting. I love action figures of all sorts - from GI Joe to superheroes - but they are highly individual.

The Funko figures are obviously styled to have a commonality, but I prefer an individual look to action figures. I love TMNT and arguably one could say they all look similar, but there are only four of them... not hundreds. But I digress...

Geoffrey The Giraffe Funko figure I don't consider WalMart or Traget to be adequate suppliers of toys. They lack the breadth of former KayBee Toys and Toys R Us. With Toys R Us one of the last chain operated toy stores, it's nostalgia runs high for me. I loved the store in the 70s and never stopped.

Their mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe had gone through several iterations over time, but now he enterst the modern toy age as a Funko Character! With the fate of toy giant Toys R Us in question having recently entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, this Funko figure may be coveted by many. Released today (Nov. 12) the figure is not on local shelves and is "sold out" on the store's website.

To spice up the deal, this particular Funko figure has a golden ticket element. Inside ONE box is a Willy Wonka style ticket that grants the holder to a rip to Funko headquarters for a tour and... a slice of pie? Not sure, but the contest seems open to a single winner.

To potentially contradict myself, I find the Geoffrey Funko figure quite interesting. Sure, I love TRU, but this figure is different from the others in that it has horns and a general head-shape that differs from most of the other ones. So, yeah... I'd love to have one of these due to TRU potentially going out of business and it's nifty looking. That's how I collect - if it's nifty, it's for me. Check out your local Toys R Us for the Geoffrey the Giraffe Funko figure!

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