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September 30, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nickelodeon's “I Am Frankie” would improve if the network stopped equating stupidity with humor

Fake laugh tracks have been a staple of TV for ages, but equating stupidity with humor needs to end in kid's programming.
Nickelodeon's I Am Frankie Aside from an occasional intake of SpongeBob mania, I don't pay much attention to the Nickelodeon network. However, when I saw promos for their new show I Am Frankie (adapted from a previous foreign language version) I figured I'd check it out.

Who doesn't like robots and the idea of an android girl hiding in a high school as a student sets the stage for a decent concept. I like some of the characters and relations they've created. The show has potential, but I wish they'd let the humor flow naturally - it feels too forced.

I decided to check it out since they were going to run new episodes every weekday for three weeks. That's interesting way of putting the concept out there as opposed to weekly releases. Alas, even though it's a kid's show, its much too dumbed-down. Give kids some credit. They aren't dopes.

Kids are much more sophisticated than TV executives will ever know. So much programming is beneath them - even little kids. They shouldn't be served dumbed-down ideas. Kids are pretty sharp when it comes to tech. The villan in the show is a complete moron and ruins what is perceived to be a threat.

Give it a watch online if you haven't seen the episodes on Nickelodeon. It's not bad, but could be much better and still be appropriate for younger audiences.

I Am Frankie's plot synopsis via Wikipedia:
Sigourney is a scientist working for the company EGG who has developed a teenage android girl named Frankie. When the head of EGG, Mr. Kingston, plans to use Frankie for the military company Warpa's Project Q, Sigourney quits her job and smuggles her out of EGG. She moves her family far away from EGG over so that Frankie can live a normal life.

As Frankie adapts to normal life as a high school student at Sepulvata High, she befriends a girl named Dayton and gains a rival in Tammy. She and her family work to keep her secret safe so that EGG doesn't find her, but Mr. Kingston is determined to do whatever it takes to locate Frankie. Unbeknownst to Mr. Kingston, he's not the only one who's after her.

Nickelodeon's I Am Frankie

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