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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 17, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With comparisons to Metal Slug, John Mambo from Iction Games looks like crazy fun

Space Invaders Frenzy
The upcoming John Mambo action video game features hand-drawn pixel art based on 90's arcade and 16-bit console games.
This top-down, over the top video game has drawn comparisons to several games we love from Metal Slug to Ikari Warriors, and Cannon Fodder. The creator, Iction Games, is seeking crowd funding via their John Mambo Kickstarter campaign. We think you'll like what you see :) John Mambo arcade game

I love the way the main character is portrayed - from the hand drawn pixel art to his casual distaste for others. Or perhaps its "others" who don't like him. Either way, John Mambo takes a humorous and over-the-top approach to being a one-man army.

As you explore (and kill lots of enemies) you'll come to many alternate routes and forks in the road. Each of these options will effect the game and your fate. Sneaking around may be the smart move - blasting the main gate could bring an onslaught of enemy fire! Choose wisely.

One of the Kickstarter stretch goals is a PS4 release of John Mambo and currently it's slated for release on Mac, PC, and Linux. The Kickstarter page has links to game demos for these three platforms. Check out John Mambo for yourself!

The stretch goal for a PS4 version kicks in when the Kickstarter campaign reaches $35K - which is $10K beyond it's funding goal. I'd love to see this on PS4 - to me, it seems like a perfect fit for console gaming!

Check out the Iction Games' Kickstarter page for their Upcoming game, John Mambo. We're excited about this game and eager to see how it progresses! If you don't try the demo, visit YouTube for some game-play footage. This game looks like it's going to be crazy fun!

John Mambo video game screenshot
John Mambo video game screenshot Nobody in the allied army trusts John (besides his co-op partner!), but John Mambo doesn't care. He knows his mission and he will put all his effort to neutralize the enemy.
John Mambo video game screenshot The game is structured by missions during which the story of our protagonist is revealed. The colonel tells us our goal and John Mambo will do everything he can to reach it.

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