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November 2017 Retro Gaming Article

November 2, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

4 historical figures ride genetically engineered cyborg eagles into battle in Justice Duel for NES

Justice Duel homebrew game for NES
Call three friends. Convene on your living room couch. Succumb to the fun as allies become rivals in this high flying retro battle game.
Indie retro game developer Mega Cat Studios has released a cool homebrew title, Justice Duel for NES. It's a frantic four-player (get out your Four Score) NES game that puts players in control of famous figures, ripped from American history. Each player dukes it out while riding a mechanized war eagle.

Justice Duel screenshot Any reason to plug in the Four Score adapter is welcome news! Four-player games are rare and with co-op modes... even more so. The beauty of co-op is the ease with which a camaraderie can turn into opposition - and back again. Your battle companion can quickly become your foe which is a cool dynamic and comes into play with Justice Duel.

Out now for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Justice Duel is a video game in which AI versions of historical figures face-off against one another while jousting atop genetically engineered eagles. Don't throw away your shot - saddle up your eagle and prepare to duel!

The underlying concept may remind you of Joust, but it has several distinguishing facets. Here Comes the Red White and Bruise!

With four nicely pixelated arenas, you'll get a great retro experience that brings up to four players together on one couch. The social aspects of co-op games are the best and with four people... it's gonna get crazy! Mix in bombs, missiles, bear traps and firecrackers... and you'll appreciate it's diversity.

Don't forget about the power-ups. Snag a copy of this game - on an actual NES cartridge - and branch out from Joust with Justice Duel from Mega Cat Studios.

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