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August 26, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With lots of press for this once controversial title, I wish Limited Run had produced more copies of Night Trap

Limited Run's re-release of Night Trap
Night Trap fueled congressional outrage, prompted the ESRB ratings system, and featured Dana Plato in a full motion video game. We all knew it would sell out instantly!
I love what Limited Run Games does. If you've never explored their site, they produce physical copies of independent games previously released only as digital downloads. Typically, they offer 5,000 copies on a first-come-first-served basis. They have one morning time and a late afternoon time when they open up sales. Hence the name "Limited Rum".

I've purchased several Limited Run games for my PS4 and have been very happy with the entire experience... until Night Trap was released. Night Trap is renown for the controversy that surrounded the title when originally released by Sega in 1992. This brought about a lot of online coverage of the game's re-issue via Limited Run. I was doubtful about being able to buy a copy. With only 5,000 copies worldwide, they sold out in seconds. So, I was not too surprised when I was unable to purchase Night Trap at either of the posted times.

I understand the limited number of copies is part of their business plan, but with such a popular title and the huge coverage this release received, I wish they had made more copies. The small number may have to do with tiers of duplication costs through Sony or other vendors. I don't know the details. All I know is Limited Run could have sold many more copies.

I hope in the future, they might consider scaling production up with demand. A second run would sell well... I'd be there!

Night Trap for SEGA CD featuring Dana Plato Night Trap for SEGA CD featuring Dana Plato.
Night Trap for SEGA CD featuring Dana Plato Night Trap for SEGA CD featuring Dana Plato.

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