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May 2017 Retro Gaming Article

May 16, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Mystic Origins has arrived and a full NES game and creation documentary to follow

Mystic Origins yellow beta tester cartridge
Not many of us have a childhood dream that we can actually bring to life decades later. This guy did it via an NES homebrew game.
New 8-Bit heroes logo In the Fall of 2014 I came across a great story about a filmmaker who had always dreamed of creating an NES game. Like many kids, he had drawn out many of the concepts and thought long and hard about how such a game might evolve. As with many of us, life begins to get in the way and things fall by the wayside.

However, years later this developer, Joe Granato, decided to actually make the game and film the process for a documentary. The result of this enormous labor of love is everything he set out to do through his company, New 8 Bit Heroes!

Mystic Origins yellow beta tester cartridge Signed Mystic Origins NES cartridge He created Mystic Searches for the Nintendo NES. As part of the beta testing for his upcoming game, he released a pre-quel story that uses the same engine for the final game. He released this prequel, titled as Mystic Origins and used a yellow cartridge.

The yellow beta carts are sold out, but visit his site to pre-order the final Mystic Origins game and the documentary on Blu-ray DVD.

From the New 8 Bit Heroes website:
THE BETA - MYSTIC ORIGINS: Rather than release a small portion of the game as a beta, we decided instead to create an entire mini quest that acts as a prequel. It is a nice vertical slice of what Mystic Searches will be that you can play for free right now!

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