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October 7, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

McDonald's tried capitalizing on Rick & Morty's Szechuan Sauce episode, but delivered disappointment

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce
This was a great scenario for McDonald's to shine! Fans came out in droves, but McDonalds under-delivered on every aspect.
Leave it to a hip TV show (Rick and Morty) to rile the internet into craving a 20-year-old dipping sauce from McDonalds. Essentially, that's what happened. Back in 1998, Szechuan Sauce was briefly offered as a tie-in to Disney's Mulan movie with McDonald's Happy Meal.

The Buttermilk Crispy Tenders website gave all the details from date and time to which locations featured the sauce and promotional stuff. I was bummed that none of my local restaurants were offering the sauce, but that's cool. I understand it was a very limited thing. However, one of my local McDonald's was offering promotional posters with a chicken order. Cool!

When I arrived there was a big line. Fans had paid attention and showed up in force! That's a win for McDonalds... or so it seemed. After waiting on line for a few minutes folks came out with chicken and posters, only to disclose the restaurant was already out of posters! What! How many did they have?

They had ten posters. Ten. Only ten.

About half of those who'd eagerly lined up, left. One guy said he was gong to Wendys. People were annoyed. I left and went to Five Guys. All McDonald's had to do was hand out posters to promote some new chicken item on the menu. It seems they chose to under-deliver on the promotion, perhaps assuming once folks were there, they'd buy a meal regardless of the promotion. That was incorrect. Many left the restaurant angry.

This was such an easy opportunity for McDonalds to align with something cool and come out winners. Instead, they went the cheap-route and seemingly lured people who hoped for a poster. I wanted one. Seemed like a cool opportunity. From what I've read, they under-delivered to many locations. Few people seemed happy about this event.

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

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