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November 2017 Retro Gaming Article

November 8, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It's easier to kill time at the airport if there's an arcade

The PVD Airport arcade
The PVD Airport directory listed a “Game Room”... Could that be for real? It was and it was pretty cool!
Air travel used to be fun and luxurious. That ended long ago. Now, it's laborious and runs the risk of a cavity-search by over zealous security forces putting on the best theatrical performance of safety known to man.

Air travel is expensive and stressful. Even when I pick my son up at the airport and not even flying, I'm stressed. From the drive to parking and the roulette of dealing with the TSA and their ever-changing regulations for fake safety, it's a dreadful experience. Once past security, there's the waiting game - which is an awful game... by the way. So, I show up prepared with the latest Game Informer & Retro Gamer mags, and the delusion that the airport wifi will work properly.

The PVD airport was new to me, so I took a look at the directory map to see what end my son's gate was located. Unlike most airport directories, this one had a lot of detail. Really. A lot of stuff was listed... including a Game Room. This I had to see! Tucked into a tiny room, it looked dubious as I peered in. It was like a closet. But a magnificent closet!

The PVD Airport arcade Multi-cades are often laggy and not really how the game was meant to be played. Yet having a ton of retro games at my fingertips really offset the downside. It was fun to sift through the options. Way better than just waiting for a plane :)
The PVD Airport arcade Twin mounts on a Terminator Salvation cab was a pleasing sight for an airport arcade.

With Golden Tee, an iteration of Street Fighter, and two pinball games (Aerosmith and Mustang)... this was pretty cool find! Next to the change machine was a dual cab, side-by-side NASCAR driving game. If airport parking wasn't so high, this might be worth a trip all in itself. Alas you'd need a gate-pass at the very least and I'm sure the TSA would find a way to ruing a perfectly good arcade run.

The lesson learned here is never to overlook the possibility of a good arcade find regardless where you are. I now wonder how many unique arcade experiences I've overlooked due to my own closed opinions. Get out there and see what you can find!

The PVD Airport arcade

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