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November 2017 Retro Gaming Article

November 28, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Rumors suggest Nintendo is heading to the cereal aisle with Mario and an NFC chip

Super Mario amiibo cereal
Limited edition boxes of Super Mario Cereal will act as an amiibo with an enclosed NFC chip in the box. That's one big amiibo!
I still love character themed cereal. The kid in me still looks longingly at Fruity Pebbles with all that Flintstone goodness and Hanna-Barbera madness! Although the prizes in the boxes were much better when I was a kid. These days you're more apt to get a download code or QR code printed on the box.

Super Mario amiibo cereal Reported by Nintendo Life via Cerealously, Nintendo is rumored to be bringing a Mario cereal to market with more than just oats and marshmallows. Limited editions of the cereal will feature an NFC chip allowing it to interact with Super Mario Odyssey the same way an amiibo does. I'm unclear if this is some sort of included sticker or if the box is a giant amiibo. Either way... fun!

I dig the amiibo functionality of the limited edition boxes - that's a slick idea. Far better than the meager "prizes" is see adorning cereal boxes as I trudge down the aisle for a healthy (so they say) box of Cheerios. Of course Nintendo's idea of "limited" may be different than the average consumer. No idea how plentiful the Limited Edition packaging may be. If I were to guess... I'd say very limited.

Keep an eye out in the cereal aisle beginning on December 11th!

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