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November 2017 Retro Gaming Article

November 26, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I have total respect for arcades dedicating floor space to Bubble Hockey!

While not as glitzy as the flashing lights & sounds of video games and pinball, Super Chexx Bubble Hockey is a must-play game!
As arcades have transitioned to brightly lit entertainment destinations relying heavily on redemption machines, I praise those who have a few retro cabinets off in a corner. But once you shed the bright lights and sounds, what's left?

With the dominance of huge LED screens and lavish cabinets - like Space Invaders Frenzy - can a simple fun game survive? Air Hockey is one of the few staples of many arcades that hasn't succumbed to tremendous light displays. But there's another amazing game that defies modern flash and delivers a great experience - Super Chexx Bubble Hockey!

With manual throw-rods that twist and move the encapsulated players up and down the ice - it's a remarkable find in any arcade. If you're lucky enough to find one, stop and revel in it's awesomeness. It's well worth a few games!

I know of three Super Chexx Bubble Hockey games in my local area, which is an amazing number considering I'm pretty far from the thriving metropolis. My son and I play Bubble Hockey (which is second only to Air Hockey) every chance we get. Bring Player-2 along, because there's no single player mode.

Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Super Chexx Bubble Hockey is a true gem. It defies the arcade standard of nearly any era, but delivers an amazing experience that is so different from video games and pinball, but coexists beautifully with both. Never pass up a game of Bubble Hockey - you'll thank me later :)

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