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January 28, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

In 2006 Walt Disney Records assembled a teen cover band dedicated to playing Devo songs

DEV2O is a Devo cover band
As you realize how crazy a teen Devo cover band is.... Mark Mothersbaugh was involved and Devo re-recorded tracks for the CD.
I've loved Devo since discovering "Freedom of Choice" in 1980. When I heard Disney had assembled a group of teens to cover their top hits, I had to track down a copy! DEV2.O (sometimes referred to as Devo 2.0) was released in March 2006 as a CD and CD & DVD combo. I believe there was a version sold by Target featuring a bonus track!

DEV2.O cover Predictably, DEV2.O was a one-trick pony and the album flopped. It seems the kids in the band were not musicians and simply appeared to be playing in the videos they created. To keep it Disney-friendly, some of the lyrics were changed from the originals. The most glaring change was changing "Girl U Want" to Boy U Want. As a fan of Tank Girl... that was a tragic lyrical change.

Apparently DEV2.O performed a few times, but the album went nowhere and two of the members quit in the first year. While the music isn't particularly notable, it's a nifty find for any Devo fan. The combo CD & DVD features videos for the songs on the CD along with an embedded app to access more online. It's quite an entertaining package. It's a shame this wasn't assembled as a project rather than a band.

The success of KIDZ BOP seems to indicate one could apply the DEV2.O model to any band. Get some kids together to cover other bands. Slayer, Aerosmith, Judas Pries? it's a pretty easy model as long as you can get the licensing. A few members of Devo were onboard to assist with the transformation of their songs to Disney videos.

Both Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale werre approached for this project by Disney. Casale is credited with dierction and mixing of the music. Casale was interviewed about DEV2.O, giving some insights about Disney's misunderstanding of some lyrics. Alas all good things must end. I think this is a wonderfully unique take on some to Devo's biggest hits. I was able to find a copy at a local library of all places :)

DEV2.O was comprised of five kids:
Nicole Stoehr
  • Nicole Stoehr - lead vocals
  • Jacqueline Emerson - keyboards
  • Nathan Norman - lead guitar, vocals
  • Michael Gossard - bass
  • Kane Ritchotte - drums
Track list for the CD:
  1. That's Good
  2. Peek A Boo
  3. Whip It
  4. Boy U Want
  5. Uncontrollable Urge
  6. Cyclops
  7. The Winner
  8. Big Mess
  9. Jerkin' Back 'N Forth
  10. Through Being Cool
  11. Freedom Of Choice
  12. Beautiful World
The same year DEV2.O came out, you may have seen lead singer Nicole Stoehr in the film Little Miss Sunshine as a pageant contestant. More recently she was in 2015's Killing Me Slowly. Keyboardist Jacqueline Emerson had a role in The Hunger Games.

DEV2O lead singer Nicole Stoehr EV2.O album back

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