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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 27, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Hyperkin's MegaRetroN HD clone console plays Genesis & Mega Drive cartridges

Hyperkin MegaRetroN HD
Here's another way to get better results from your Genesis and/or Mega Drive games on modern televisions.
I love seeing more devices come to market that allow our favorite old game cartridges to better interface with modern TVs. It's an important part of preserving gaming history by enabling continued play on HD equipment.

Hyperkin MegaRetroN HD While many of these consoles bridge the gap to HDMI, few offer an A/V connection. The MegaRetroN HD has both options for connecting to new and older televisions. For modern HD TVs, the console outputs 720p and plays NTSC and PAL carts via a switch mounted on the bottom of the console. Similarly, you can swap between 16:9 wide screen and the traditional (old games) 4:3 ratio.

We recently discussed Analogue's Mega SG offering more cart compatibility options and an FPGA implementation. At $46, Hyperkin offers a more economical solution, but it will utilize software emulation.

There are always trade-offs with competing devices, but its great to see this focus on Sega's Genesis and Mega Drive consoles!

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