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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Hyperkin's SupaRetroN HD Console brings SNES & SFC game carts to modern TVs

SupaRetroN HD Gaming Console
We love original equipment, but the world is modernizing and Hyperkin allows old games to be played in the modern world.
We adore our SNES console, but it doesn't play nice with our new HDMI HD television. It works just like it did when we bought it new on the old Sony Trinitron, but such CRT TVs are finite and will only become harder to find. If retro gaming it to continue, old games need to become compatible with modern TVs and the SupaRetroN HD is aiding that battle.

When I hear folks claiming there are "lots" of CRT TVs available, I laugh. That may be true... in certain areas... for the time being. No one is making CRT TVs anymore - thus a problem exists going forward. One of my TVs has both composite and HDMI, but the newer one lacks any composite support. Composite components like old DVD players look awful on newer TVs... as do old game consoles. Face it, the world has modernized beyond our beloved retro games.

You can go the ROM and emulator route, but I still love the tactile feel of old game cartridges. Lets get back to the SupaRetroN HD.

Hyperkin's SupaRetroN HD Console operates off an FPGA chip, as opposed to an emulator, and it supports HD 720p output to HDMI while also retaining composite out for use on an old CRT TV. Slick! It also has an aspect ration switch to effortlessly go from 4:3 to 16:9! As if that weren't enough, check out Hyperkin-engineered Pin Perfect!

Yeah... we didn't get it either, but there's a video on their Facebook page that shows a cartridge loosely inserted, wiggling around without any interruption in game play. could this be the end of the death-like grip some clones have on game carts? I have a few clones that nearly tear the metal off he PCB when you go to pull the cart out. I'm hoping this Pin Perfect tech makes for a more gentle interaction between the console and game cart.

I'm excited to begin delving into the clone market and explore these consoles and their functionality with old games and new TVs. As long as our CRTs still work, we'll continue to play most of our retro games in the basement, but the Nintendo Classic Edition consoles have shown us the fun we can have with old games on big TVs. The world is an evolving place and gaming is changing as well. I can't wait to get a SupaRetroN HD and figure out what Pin Perfect is all about!

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