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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 18, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Aladdin's Castle wanted to establish accessible locations while today's arcades turn malls into destinations

Aladdins Castle Arcade ad
Malls used to attract droves of shoppers. Today they are aging, dismissed and need modernization to bring the crowds back!
Malls are in decline. We've seen various forms of that story for the last decade. Retailers who once were the shining examples of modern commerce, missed the boat with e-commerce and didn't even bother to modernize the brick and mortar locations that had previously served them well.

Aladdin's Arcade "Not Just another amusement center"
There are two malls in my area that have undergone major shifts in their offerings. Any one of our local malls have thirty or more places I can buy a shirt. One store sells video games. One store sells books. Two stores sell new music. So... remind me why I'd go to the mall? With no modernization, these hulking complexes look as they did twenty five years ago.

However, some of them - the two I know of - have undergone changes in what is offered within their space. That is to say, these malls are more cognizant of their tenant's diversity of offerings. New retailers are coming to town and they're selling experiences, not shirts. Hi-end go-karts, modern arcades, escape rooms, lazer tag, virtual reality, bowling, etc... Traditional retailers are mixed in with these vendors offering experiences. They've changed the dynamic of the mall and the reason people go back.

New Tenants Turning Malls Into Destinations

The movie theaters offer twelve or more films, so it's easy to find a cool flick to see. Dining offerings have gone way beyond low-budget burger joints and taco shacks. There are still plenty of places to get a quick meal, but there are also many more refined options. I'm always down for an hour at the arcade. Fast go-karts... count me in. I'm not much of a bowler, but I'll dabble in some laser tag. As you can see, these malls offer more than traditional retail shopping.

You can still buy a shirt, but planning a day at the mall actually requires some thought. Go-karts first? Eat before or after the movie? When should we hit the arcade? There's actually a lot to do at these malls. I can always find a good value at Sears, but if that's all the mall offers, I can forgo Sears for any number of other retailers outside the mall.

I've always been a mallrat and love the hustle & bustle and the diversity they've offered. It's getting harder to find an exciting vibe in most malls these days, but keep an eye out and don't give up. Mall owners are getting pretty creative out of necessity. If you avoid malls, drop in to see what changes may have been made. I've been shocked by the changes I've seen!

Aladdins Castle Arcade at the mall

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