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November 2018 Retro Gaming Article

November 20, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

When you call the Dollar Store to ask about amiibo and they say, “Yes, we have lots”

amiibo at Five Below
I did not expect to find wheelbarrows full of amiibo!
I'm no fan of Black Friday and I haven't gone shopping in an actual store in years and years. However, I'm not averse to chasing a good deal a few days early :)

My buddy called a local "dollar" store after hearing they had just received some amiibo stock. Whoever answered the phone hadn't heard of amiibo an put him on hold to ask the manager. She soon confirmed they had amiibo at which point my buddy asked if they had a lot... She said, Yes!

I headed over after work and discovered Five Below had wheelbarrows full of amiibo - apparently with lots of additional stock in the store room. At $5 each, it was a pretty good day since I didn't have the four they were offering!

amiibos by the wheelbarrow I didn't expect to find amiibo at a local dollar store, so I was stoked to find $5 amiibo.
amiibos by the wheelbarrow When they said they had a lot of amiibo, I didn't expect to find wheelbarrows full of them!

I really wanted to roll the wheelbarrow to the regster and snag them all...

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