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May 15, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Jimmy Fallon shows his Nintendo enthusiasm & musical chops via LABO and puts Ariana Grande on vocals

Ariana Grande with LABO band
I think LABO is clever and beautifully precise in it's execution. Call it cardboard, but it's pure genius!
Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon seem to be in frequent company with one another on the tonight show. She's popular and charismatic, but I'm thinking there's a long line of celebrities seeking the show's promotional value. But Jimmy is a longtime fan of video games and seems to have a soft spot for Nintendo. So, when you need a singer for your cardboard LABO band, can't get much better than Ariana.

Ariana Grande with LABO band Jimmy's a kooky sort of guy, so why not tie-in a musical guest with nintendo's musical offering in it's new LABO creativity product? With The Roots and Ariana Grande, Fallon and company put on a fun rendition of Grande's No Tears Left To Cry single on the May 14th Tonight Show. As much as this is likely staged and controlled, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the performance.

She has a great voice and Nintendo was able to back her vocals with a slew of cardboard creations intermingled with various Switch components. I suspect there was a bit of added "magic" of sorts to pull this off, but it was a great performance and promo for Nintendo's LABO!

Hopefully, this sort of promotion will convince folks that there's more to LABO than just cardboard. Much of the appeal is bonding over the creation process. It's a great project for kids to gather around with friends and/or family. Multi player gaming should involve your friends sitting on your couch or floor, Now there's another way to get together over video games. Never stop creating!

Ariana Grande with LABO band

Check out the video:

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