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June 26, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

With 3 days left to give Atari an even $3 million, lets admit what they are actually good at

Centipede on the Atari VCS
I bought the Joystick, but doubt I'll ever see it. Atari should leverage their iconic past via lifestyle products & apparel.
Last year Atari began stirring the pot with cryptic announcements about new hardware. It began to look like they were planning a new game console. As the meager details came out, the final plan seemed as doubtful as their last few hardware notions. Named after the most successful Atari console, their new console concept will be called the Atari VCS. It's billed as a modern console that also plays retro games via the existing Atari Vault compilation of games.

"Today's Atari" is best suited to soft-goods, not hardware.
We're about a month from the start of Atari's Indiegogo campaign and they have tapped into the nostalgia of over 11,000 fans who have given Atari nearly three million dollars for a console we know little about and has no proof-of-concept or working prototype.

I know Atari wants to bask in their former glory, but that was during an era when the company was run by visionaries eager to conquer the world. Today's Atari should assess their skills and perhaps dial back their expectations.

Hardware is a difficult venture. I've said many times - Atari should become a lifestyle brad. Pump merchandise with the iconic logo and create apparel with art from the huge list of IPs they own. I'd buy a hat or a shirt... and a lot more if it brought back my childhood lust for playing Atari.

I'm kind of bored with android boxes with emulators. Raspberry Pi can do it all and with some really great options. I'd love to see Atari grow within their current capabilities. I've found a few Atari branded hats and shirts at FYE. Here's are some licensed garments at Forever 21:

Atari licensed clothing at Forever 21 licensed Atari apparel at Forever 21. Here's an image showing 1972 on the sleeve and a front view.
Atari licensed clothing at Forever 21 licensed Atari apparel at Forever 21.

Atari licensed clothing at Forever 21
There is an enormous group of consumers who grew up with Atari, still play Atari games, and love to display their passion for the brand. It's still an iconic brand with very high recognition. Give fans an arsenal of branded items from clothing to home goods displaying what Atari was in the 70s and 80s.

Atari's value lies in the amazing past they fostered and grew. Decades later the "new" Atari, under another new management team, should shepherd the value of their numerous IPs rather than trying to live up to the former glory. It's over - work with what you're so fortunate to have. Please don't squander Atari's good name.

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