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February 2018 Retro Gaming Article

February 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari creates their own cryptocurrency to boost it's gambling business... still ignoring the Ataribox

Atari crypto currency
Investors like cryptocurrency. Atari likes other people's money. The Atari Token looms on the horizon, unkile the Ataribox.
Atari likes to toss out ideas and see "what sticks". They don't seem to devote time or money to any one project. They just keep trying things as though one of them might actually perform. Cryptocurrency is their latest "look at us" moment. OK... we're watching.

Many companies who've gone down this road have seen tremendous rise in stock shares. Atari has seen this rise too since announcing their Atari Token cryptocurrency. However, they now have to do something with it. The rise in shares is momentary and will crash if they don't put something behind it.

The mad dash to develop unique cryptocurrencies is a recent trend with struggling companies trying to appear relevant, cutting edge and sexy. They want to entice investors and customers and generally stir up interest in their brand, company, or product. Atari might be able to bolster their standing for a brief time, but their overall track record cites very few "wins". They need a win. They can't have a fireworks display to attract attention every six months. Atari need to do something with their iconic brands.

Atari Lifestyle Brand?

I've said this a few times - Atari should create a lifestyle brand and showcase that amazing logo and iconic set of brands on merchandise. Their CEO has said several times that Atari doesn't want to just put their logo on t-shirts. Really? They'd sell a lot of them! They could sell Atari-branded items from keychains and t-shirts to high end good displaying the their brands.

For all the odd ventures they've tried, I'm dumbfounded they haven't tried a lifestyle brand. I think it would be a huge hit and it would be the kind of venture that further drives the brand as more products sell. I love seeing someone wearing an Atari shirt. I don't see it often, so it always makes me smile to see someone sporting the Atari logo!

At this point, we're writing off the Ataribox. Atari cranks up the hype machine every six months, but that's no way to increase interest in a game console having a $300 price tag and no specs or technical information. If a prototype is ever developed, it will hold more value as a doorstop.

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