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March 2018 Retro Gaming Article

March 19, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari tries to generate Ataribox buzz during GDC by renaming it “Atari VCS”

Atari renames the Ataribox to Atari VCS
Yes, Atari has decided to rename it's upcoming game console rather than releasing specifications that might prompt sales.
Atari began stirring the pot shortly before last year's E3 conference with news of an upcoming game console. With limited info, they attempted to crowd-fund it on Indiegogo, but pulled the campaign on launch day. Atari has said it will be Intel-based and run Linux with the ability to play both modern video games and Atari classics. It sounds like an AtGames Flashback with an internet connection.

Today, in an Ataribox article on Venturbeat, they confirmed Atari's desire to show the atari box at this week's Game Developer's Conference (GDC) and that their mystery console has been renamed "Atari VCS". Yes, the same name as their 1977 flagship product that put the Atari brand on the map. Alas, the current holders of the Atari license are not the shining innovators who brought astounding games to arcades and then into living rooms. Today's Atari dabbles in online casino games and ambiguous products like the Gameband smartwatch.

I'm leery of this whole project. With next to no technical info released to the public, Atari expected us to crowd fund this device last Fall? At the outset of this project I wanted to believe in it, but it has been so mishandled and oddly secretive, I'm done with it. From prior "Atari" project track records, I'm done playing this game. I've loved Atari since childhood, but this nonsense is insulting to gamers and the industry. BTW - If Atari is touting this console at GDC... why are they not on the GDC Exhibitor List?

The media circus is revving up as more and more stories hit the web touting a new Atari VCS. One article mentioned March 21 as the day Atari has chosen to display this console and prototype controllers. Deep down I hope Atari can pull this off, but the odds are stacked high against them and I'm sure the pre-order date will involve crowd funding of some sort. I love ya, Atari, but no thanks.

Ataribox prototype with modern and classic controllers I'm pissed and I'm rambling. I love Atari, but this has been a frustrating lead-in to a new game console. I tookk a very long lunch break from work in '93 to buy a Jaguar on launch day. I have no desire to jump on this new product. The current holding company has tainted the brand. I love what Atari did decades ago, but recent actions have been difficult to watch.

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