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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 23, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The changing product line of AtGames seems to now include a home arcade cabinet with 400 games

The changing product line of AtGames
A recent press release hints that the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade product is quite similar to the home arcade cabs from Arcade1Up.
As the cooler winds blow in and Halloween is just around the corner, might it be time for the latest Atari Flashback from AtGames? No. Not this year. Already we've seen the new Flashback Blast HDMI dongles containing a variety of retro games, but the expected Atari Flashback full of 2600 games seems absent from this years marketing collateral.

In it's place is a similar (identical to their Sega Genesis product) console called the Legends Flashback. Even the Atari 2600 compilations for PS4 and Xbox One are gone. Well, AtGames seems not to be releasing the third installment - Atari is doing that. I've not heard any news, but it seems as if licensing deals may have shifted a bit between the two companies. Granted there are some Atari games on the Flashback Blast devices, but no where near the number on last year's Atari Flashback console.

To further diversify the typical AtGames holiday offering, a recent press release indicates a partnership between AtGames and The Tetris Company. Along with the Legends console that's a plug-n-play device, At games will also soon release a full size arcade cabinet with 400 games. While the Arcade1Up 3/4 size cabinets seem similar, this clearly competes directly with it.

Arcade1Up has gone the distance to license games and artwork for it's product, AtGames claims much the same. Time will tell how the AtGames Legends Ultimate Home Arcade stacks up. With 400 games, it sounds enticing, but the usual Raspberry Pi pundits will emerge. I'm curious to see what develops with this.

Having seen great interest in companies releasing mini consoles with 20 - 30 games, will consumers now want a more realistic "arcade experience" with joysticks, trackballs and a stand-up style cabinet? Are the 80's coming back full swing? Innovation is an interesting thing.

From the Tetris Company website:
The Legends Ultimate Home Arcade features 400 built-in arcade and home games, including Tetris and other legends from iconic publishers. As a full-sized home arcade machine, the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade offers a gameplay experience like no other. Each game plays just like at the arcade thanks to an authentic control panel that features a matching set of premium joysticks and six buttons for two player fun, as well as a professional trackball controller.

The built-in, low latency, high definition 21.5" LCD monitor features HDMI inputs so you can display content from other consoles and media players on the same great machine. The built-in software is similarly impressive, with scan line filtering, an intuitive menu system, save and resume game functionality, and the ability to rewind a game in progress to recover from a play misstep.

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