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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 23, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Did AtGames actually swap arcade ROMs for NES ROMs on their Bandai Namco Flashback Blast?

Reviewers were excited about the games on the review units, but consumers found NES versions at retail!
Did AtGames swap arcade ROMs for NES ROMs I've bought a bunch or those plug-n-play video game units with funky shapes and a dozen retro arcade games. They're easy to set up, portable, and give a nice dose of nostalgia. AtGames new HDMI dongles are similar, but quite compact by comparison. But some gamers ar citing a game-swap problem.

Early in the cycle, reviewers were given review-units to put through the paces. When it came to the Bandai Namco version, they found the typical arcade games I've come to enjoy on the endless supply of plug-n-play devices. However, consumers in WalMart (they sell an exclusive version) reported finding NES versions of the games, not the original arcade games!

How does that happen? I guess the question would be how can that happen accidentally? I don't think it can. This reeks or a bait-and-switch trick that generates reviews of one device, while another is sold at retail.

It's also quite possible that AtGames was a bit too eager and sent out review units without having the proper licensing for the games. But in that scenario... were they denied the games? What about the Legends console and Legends Ultimate Home Arcade? Are these products with similar arcade versions of games properly licensed?

This scenario opens up a lot of questions that need answers. While I've read that AtGames attributes the mix-up to a shipping error, but that seems unlikely. When your Chevy is delivered with a Honda engine, you know that's kind of deliberate. AtGames' shipping claim needs a proper resolution. If there was an error, consumers need to know which version of the game is actually licensed for sale.

If these Flashback Blasts make their way into holiday gifts, we need to know what we're buying. No one wants a Christmas stocking full of NES ROMs when they expected arcade versions ;)

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