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June 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Actor Bella Thorne puts her entire life online, including her latest music

Bella Thorne's GOAT billboard
You know the music industry has changed when a former Disney actor releases two hip hop tracks at Coachella. Bella Thorne is hella cool!
From Disney's Shake It Up tv show to movies like Blender and The Duff, Bella Thorne has achieved a lot in a short time. She's a powerhouse of energy and puts an astonishing amount of her life on social media. From glamor to backyard pool parties, she leaves little room for the paparazzi to eek out a living.

So, what's next... she launched her own record label, Filthy Fang Records, during the first weekend of Coachella this past April. Naturally, she is behind the first music to be released and it's as outrageous as you might expect. Her eccentric style is all over both of her singles. She has an infectious type of fun - can't wait to see where music takes her next!

Click the links below the pictures to watch the music videos for GOAT and Bitch I'm Bella Throne.

Actor & singer Bella Thorne Check out Bella Throne's latest single, "Bitch, I'm Bella Thorne".
Actor & singer Bella Thorne Here's a lyric video for Bella Throne's latest single, "GOAT".

Actor & singer Bella Thorne As much as I dig Ms. Thorne and her crazy antics, I have to wonder who's paying $40 for a t-shirt with her name on it. I'd gladly rock one of those shirts for $12 + shipping. See... I even allotted for domestic shipping.

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