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November 2018 Retro Gaming Article

November 24, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The credits on Big Buck Hunter Pro caught my eye although I prefer Time Crisis and Lethal enforcer style shooters

Big Buck Hunter Pro marquee
I'm not a fan of hunting in forests or arcades, but I was interested to see credits for the Big Buck Girls.
There are several arcade games I've recently seen with scantily clad girls in the game's attract mode or after-play scenes. While most gaming relies on animation, these ladies briefly dominating the screen are clearly FMV. They're actors, not drawn or CGI. Typically these scenes appear in racing games but a segment of the credits on Big Buck Hunter Pro caught my eye.

The Big Buck Girls. Who? Then it dawned on me. The rolling credits on the game named the women from the attract mode. That's pretty cool.

I always stay until the last of the credits when watching a movie at a theater - love those "hidden" extra scenes. I rarely do this when at an arcade... or even playing home console games. In a movie theater's arcade, I coincidentally stumbled onto this set of credits. Shout out to Nicole Gucciardo, Anne marie Pody, Vanessa Uribe!

The Big Buck Girls The Big Buck Girls
The Big Buck Girls credits The Big Buck Girls game credits

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