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May 2018 Retro Gaming Article

May 16, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Great things are happening in retro gaming hardware and this FPGA-based Colecovision would be awesome

FPGA-based Colecovision
This project would modernize the Colecovision console while allowing original controllers and carts for a very retro experience.
When I encounter projects like this, I realize I may have chosen the wrong career path. If I had the ability to code a game console and port it's guts into an FPGA, I'd never stop! It's projects like this that give me hope for the future of retro gaming. Check out this original Colecovision project on AtariAge.

As much as we all love CRTs and dusty old game consoles, the world is changing and it will leave retro gamers behind eventually unless we change a bit too. I grew up with an Atari VCS and my buddy had an Intellivision, so I have mad passion for original equipment. My son and I still play regularly on the VCS I bought when I was 12.

I get it. Retro is cool. Original is best, but... the world is moving on. Hardware emulation via FPGA with HDMI for modern televisions is a vital component to playing Wizard Of Wor 50 years from now. Think about the world 50 years ago. Perspective and a rational outlook are needed if retro gaming is to live on in pixelated beauty!

The folks at AtGames released a Colecovision Flashback in 2014 for the holiday season. It sat alongside the Atari versions, but I'm not sure it was as popular. Imagine the possibilities with a new console that accepts all your Colecovision game carts and displays properly on a modern TV. Sounds good to me! Keep an eye on this project. I don't know of it's timeline, but the creator seems to want to sell this to the retro community

The finished product will include:
  • 1 FPGA
  • 1KB RAM internal
  • BIOS internal
  • VDP with VGA output, scan-lines can be disabled
  • VRAM internal
  • 1 slot
  • 1 keyboard matrix
  • 1 arcade stick

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