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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 9, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

CollectorVision's Phoenix is an FPGA-based ColecoVision console with great features, now on Kickstarter

CollectorVision's Phoenix logo
With built-in F18A video support and Super Game Module compatibility, the Phoenix is a really good value for $200.
The Colecovision didn't have a particularly long life cycle, but it was hailed as one of the leading consoles of it's era. Compared to other systems it had the best arcade ports and its games were admired by those who didn't own one and even more by those who did. Despite a vibrant homebrew community, the games have had to comply with the original Coleco hardware. Until now...

Collectorvision has created a prototype console based around an FPGA chip and a slew of features and enhancements making this clone console a very appealing item. While more expensive than other clones, one has to factor in the additions that come with the $200 price tag. It has a cartridge slot for all your old (and new homebrew) games along with a lot of cool technology.

One of the more recognizable expansion modules has been the Super Game Module that affords more complex games to run on the Colecovision. This technology is built into the Phoenix along with the F18A improved video. When you add in modern TV compatibility via HDMI, this is a very exciting project. The CollectorVision Phoenix Kickstarter is now live and offers a lot of info about the system.

CollectorVision's Phoenix is an FPGA-based ColecoVision console One of the drawbacks is you will need to supply your own controller. The good news is the console provides DB9 ports that accept your original Coleco controllers as well a SNES controller compatibility. A facet I was looking forward to was a modernized Colecovision controller since I don't like the Coleco controllers. On the other hand it comes with a Pack-in Game (Sydney Hunter & the Caverns of Death) along with ten built-in homebrew games and an SD card slot from which to play ROMs.

It may seem pricey, but there is a lot of great value in this console. Definitely check out their Kickstarter page for all the details. This is a cool creation, but it is also an important step in lengthening the Colecovision's life span and the homebrew community. So few consoles get a second chance to re-invent themselves for the next generation, I hope the Phoenix project is a success!

CollectorVision's Phoenix is an FPGA-based ColecoVision console

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