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February 2018 Retro Gaming Article

February 24, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Jersey Jack Pinball's “Dialed In” table has features accessible on your smartphone via Bluetooth

Jersey Jack Pinball's “Dialed In” table
This pinball machine features Bluetooth, a camera, and you can unlock additional capabilities through a smartphone.
I remember when pinball machines were electro-mechanical and seemed so simple. As a kid, I had no idea how many wires ran beneath the colorful tables full of lights and sounds.

Jersey Jack Pinball's Dialed In app Pinball has come a long way from my childhood and Jersey Jack is stepping up the standards. When a table's specs include a 27" HD LCD screen that integrates with game features, you have to take a second look.

Too often screens on pinball tables were more about attract-mode than game play. This seems not to be the case with Pat Lawlor's Dialed In. And how does my smartphone fit into all this? Bluetooth?

If your modern life involves being riveted to your smartphone, download the Dialed In app and you can connect to the pinball machine via bluetooth. I'm not sure how intuitive this will be, but in a world dominated my burying one's face in a small screen, this may prove to be a winner. Here are 5 unexpected things Dialed In can do...

5 Things Not Found On Most Pinball Machines (Except Dialed In)

  1. Control the flippers by tapping "buttons" on your smartphone
  2. A selfie-camera will photograph you playing and I'll wager it will transfer them to your phone
  3. Wave at virtual lottery tickets on the LCD to scratch-off your winnings
  4. Quantum Reality Theater is a small display screen reacting to game actions. shoot the ball at it for bonuses
  5. A cellphone on the play-field announces in-game events and challenges
The play-field is full of pop culture items with some video game aspects. There's a lot going on and this seems like a very engaging table from several highlighted elements to it's large LCD screen and operating the flippers via your phone. And even a few drones! Cool stuff! With so many arcades and game rooms opting for redemption games and prizes, it's nice to see this sort of innovation going into pinball!

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