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May 2, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Double Kick Heroes soundtrack is an onslaught of metal mania backing a unique zombie slaying game

Double Kick Heroes soundtrack
Race through an apocalyptic world in your Gundillac as you crush zombies with the power of heavy metal! Hell yeah!
Double Kick Heroes is a kick-ass pixel-art video game with a chiptune infused heavy metal soundtrack. It's like someone carefully procured all the things I love and mashed them into a salable package of awesome! A diverse metal soundtrack of varying styles. Retro chiptune chirps and blips. A Gundillac raging through an apocalyptic world. Killing zombies... with heavy metal! This is too good to be true! Check out the Double Kick Heroes soundtrack on bandcamp.

Double Kick Heroes soundtrack Every now and then the internet works it's magic and delivers a wealth of good information. In a modern world where news is routinely questioned and social networks steal and profit from your personal info, it's rare that any good info shines through the murky sludge of surfing the web. Today was different.

Scarlet Moon Promotions emailed a press release that instantly piqued my interest. An album cover depicting a band thrashing hard in a slick drop-top with mayhem erupting in the distance commanded my attention. I listened to the soundtrack. It rocks! I watched video clips of the video game. It's crazy cool!

Double Kick Heroes has a cool website, active social media, and I love everything about it. Like today's intersection of info in my browser, the genius behind Double Kick Heroes' soundtrack is no accident. Composed by Frédéric "Elmobo" Motte its heavy metal guitar ranges from contemplative and moody to upbeat and spunky, mixing in retro chiptune sounds throughout.

Motte is quoted in the press release:
"I was born a metalhead, and this game is giving me the chance to pay tribute to the music that fuels my life. I'm trying to cover as many metal genres as possible. Heavy, black, death, industrial, stoner, thrash... and I took the opportunity to invite some the incredible musicians I've worked with at Conkrete Studio to sing and play on some of my tracks. When listening, you'll inevitably notice references to Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Meshuggah, Faith No More and even Babymetal!"

We suggest you snag a copy of this soundtrack and game. From the pixel art and metal soundtrack to shooting out the back of the Gundillac with a zombie-killing melodic cadence... what's not to like? Give it a look!

Double Kick Heroes video game

About composer Frédéric "Elmobo" Motte via the Scarlet Moon press release:
Elmobo's music takes its roots in the early '90s Amiga demoscene. After scoring games like Fury Of The Furries or Fascination, he was recruited by Kalisto Entertainment in 1993, and worked on Nightmare Creatures 1&2, Dark Earth, Pac In Time and many more. In 2001, he left Kalisto to go freelance again, and started composing music for Nintendo handheld consoles, for game licenses like Fievel, Popeye, Totally Spies, Bakugan or Battleship.

Besides game music, Elmobo is also a bass player, and has been playing in various bands over the years, notably with Plug-In and Bumblefoot. In 2004 he opened a recording, mixing and mastering facility dedicated to metal bands. Conkrete Studio is now one of the top metal studios in France and has been involved in the making of more than 130 albums. In 2016, Elmobo joined the Headbang Club, an indie development studio responsible for the metal rhythm game Double Kick Heroes.

Double Kick Heroes video game

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