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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The headlines said “Ed Sheeran Underwear Auction”, ignoring the classic albums, instruments and 2 GameBoys

Ed Sheeran Underwear Auction
With all the cool stuff in these auction lots, why focus on underwear?
A few days ago, numerous news outlets were running a story about buying Ed Sheeran's underwear via auction. The idea was sufficiently gross that I took a look to see why this was being treated as news. Turns out it was a charity auction and Sheeran donated a lot of albums, various musical instruments and a few clothing items.

This is a pretty unique auction that could land you a rare item with a cool backstory. Some of the albums were pretty cool for anyone collecting vinyl as a fan of Sheeran. How many celebrities would auction off a classic handheld? As a gamer, that's a cool opportunity!

Of course, the Gameboy Pocket and Gameboy Advance caught my eye. The listing says both handhelds were used by Sheeran when he was traveling on tour. That would be like buying Eddie Van Halen's Atari Lynx or Angus Young's Virtualboy - lol!

Ed Sheeran Gameboy Pocket Ed Sheeran's Gameboy Pocket.
Ed Sheeran Gameboy Advance Ed Sheeran's Gameboy Advance.

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