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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 26, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Shuttering the FilmStruck streaming service highlights the importance of ownership and preservation of media

Shuttering the FilmStruck streaming service
When the cloud shuts down, all you have is what you own on physical media.
Warner Media's FilmStruck is shutting down next month which makes subscribers to it's unique content wonder where to turn. Every month I see Netflix customers lamenting all the movies that are being removed from the service. When streaming subscriptions were first introduced, we were led to believe an endless supply of movies and TV would be available. Online services did a good job in providing lots of content, some of it original.

As streaming companies grew, it became readily apparent the endless stream of content had a well-defined end. Movies you watched last month, may be gone this month. But what does gone really mean? I guess movies could be rotated back in as time passes, but I'm a physical media fanatic.

My DVD collection only grows. Content never leaves. Granted this collection began as Betamax, some went to VHS while a small portion enjoyed the Laser Disc treatment. Then DVD came along and some content is now on Blu ray. At least I'm not at the mercy of someone else's selection criteria. I buy what I want and I own it.

Shuttering the FilmStruck streaming service

When Streams Stop, What Do You Have?

There are drawbacks to everything, but I feel we are being trained to not own things. We are expected to stream movies, music, and video games. There may be an advantage to not storing all that physical media.

Ask the FilmStruck subscribers how they feel about the demise of that indie, arthouse and classic movie service. It's all gone. No more cloud. Much of it's content is not easily available in physical formats. It was a very unique set of content that is now gone from the stream.

I see kids today who have grown up in the ownerless age of digital streaming. They own nothing and don't seem to mind. Take away my Terminator 2, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, or endless eps of Beavis and Butthead and I'm gonna raise Hell! I love my small collection of movies, music, and video games that are always there for me.

Streams Are Limited and Offer Nothing Toward Preservation

The gradual and seemingly mandated change from physical media to ownerless streams doesn't address preservation. As far as video games are concerned, thousands have already disappeared. Huge amounts of physical game carts are in landfills. Think about all the awesome DOS games from back in the day. Where are those? This is a big issue for all media. How do we preserve it in an era that wants convenience over preservation?

FilmStruck subscribers are getting a reality check on media longevity. In one month all those classic, hard to find films will be gone from an avenue that may have once seemed endless and guaranteed. This is why we need to discuss preservation from the films and media to the devices available to display them. Don't let corporate greed dictate your entertainment choices. Own your media and fight for it's future!

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