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February 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 11, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Fire Tiger has a new 80s inspired album out called Suddenly Heavenly

Fire Tiger's 2018 album, Suddenly Heavenly, releases today on iTunes and Google Play or go retro and order the CD!
Many of my favorite video games date back to the 80s when arcades where dark dens of amazing games and packed full of folks who couldn't change a dollar fast enough to keep the action going. In addition to a slice of pizza and a soda, the best compliment to the experience was the music echoing above the flashing lights and game sounds.

Bands from that era are amazing. Some of them are still making music, but wouldn't it be great to discover a modern band with an 80's edge? Fire Tiger is that band! Even better, they have a new album out, Suddenly Heavenly!

I loved their first album, Energy, after discovering them on social media. They have a classic 80's sound and remind me of clubbing back in the day, You can listen to some samples on the Fire Tinger website, and buy their Suddenly Heavenly CD. They soldier on with the same dedication to that awesome 80's sound I love. We highly recommend Fire Tiger's albums.

Fire Tiger's album Suddenly Heavenly I dig this band and you might too if you like finding a new band with a vibe from the best decade ever - the 80s!

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