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May 2018 Retro Gaming Article

May 5, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I was super stoked to find a Tank Girl title on Free Comic Book Day

Tank Girl title on Free Comic Book Day
Among a lot of great comics, A Brief History Of Tank Girl was the standout title for me!
I should probably pay more attention to things like Free comic Book Day. Each year I visit my local comic shop an see what interesting titles are being promoted. Each year I find great stuff, but when it comes to Tank Girl we have some strong opinions!

As I waited on line for my shop to open, I heard there was a Tank Girl title available. I was shocked! Tank Girl!?! Has she become this mainstream that she makes an appearance on Free Comic Book Day? How cool is that. With a bevy of art styles including a cover by original Tanky artist, Jamie Hewlett, this book should ignite outrage and a manic craving for more. Alan Martin has dastardly skills with pen-in-hand and had kept my favorite comic book heroine alive and kicking for decades!

If you haven't visited your local comic book shop, stop by today and hope they still have copies of A Brief History Of Tank Girl! If not, have them order the upcoming series, Tank Girl All Stars!

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