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November 2018 Retro Gaming Article

November 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Collectively we all love retro games, but our differences are what strengthen that passion

If the only thing I did was play retro games, I'd be a fairly boring person. Our diversity is what makes the gaming bond strong.
As gamers, many of us have found common ground in our passion for old video games. From collecting dusty carts to fixing broken consoles, and rising early for flea market finds, we each have a focus or favorite that draws us to retro gaming. Many of us grew up with Atari's 2600 or Nintendo's NES. As we age, we discover how much we miss those simpler days of playing video games with our friends.

Sharing all your passions makes retro gaming more robust.
When we delve into our social media accounts some of us recall pixel warriors who defend galaxies, rescue princesses, and find hidden doors leading to untold adventures. As I post about my favorite games, fantastic Atari memories from my childhood come rushing back. I smile thinking about the Coleco games my son and I played just a few weeks ago. Next summer I'm still hoping the local arcade gets their Tempest game up and running again. I love detailing these sort of things across Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest.

The people I've met online are full of great info in chat and posting, which makes social media good fun. I like to think our collective experiences help one another to further our retro gaming passions. But it's most interesting to find out about gamer's other hobbies and interests!

When we were kids it was all about playing games. Today our friends are bankers, lawyers, designers, marketers, etc... but when the workday ends, we still steal some time to select one of those old game cartridges and explore a pixelated landscape,s laden with excitement!

Be social on social media. You're more than just a gamer!
Part of that excitement comes from discovering how diverse gamers really are. From looking at social media, you'd think we just game all day. Not the case! One guy builds amazing sci-fi replica guns from classic films. Another is a chef who tries new dishes on his family at home before offering them to customers. One we recently encountered brings his woodworking skills to create amazing gaming items from marquee replicas to coasters in a variety of beautiful woods.

As for myself, I love to read and try to get through a new book each week. I try to get out to see a movie each weekend as well as revel in classic 80's flicks at home. Discovering new boardgames is as much fun as finding my favorite bands on vinyl.

I think diversity adds a lot to social media, so I may post an old vinyl record I found, go off on a political rant, or share my opinion of a recent film. Being a one-trick-pony is no fun, so I like to encourage folks to post more than just gaming pics. You can ignore my political opinions as easily as I can gloss over live tweets of PPV Wrestling events - lol.

We all share a lot of our gaming passions, show us what else ya got!

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