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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 8, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I'll always take a bookshelf full of games, CDs and DVDs over an SD card or wifi stream

Just as we're told digital games will be the downfall of brick and mortar game stores, GameStop wants in on the DL action.
GameStop wants in on the DL action When GameStop emails me to encourage me to buy digital games from them, I see the hastening of disappearing physical media. I can easily buy games digitally without going through GameStop. Additional PowerUp points aren't very motivating to me.

I don't need a middleman when most digital sales come from my game console's online shop. Then there's the physical trade-in line. Sorry GS, I'm not trading in hardware and games to earn credit for digital games.

I wouldn't convert my CDs to MP3 and sell off the physical discs. Like music, video games are equal parts art as they are entertainment. From the in-game style to the packaging, it's what makes the physical product more valuable to someone like myself.

Physical games can be traded in at places like GameStop or auctioned for far better deals. The same can't be said for digital games. They can't be sold in the same manner, if at all. As we descend into the abyss where nothing is owned... we pay for access to things.

That's not worth as much to me and accordingly digital games were lower in price due to the lack of packaging and distribution to store shelves. But lately, digital games have been creeping up in price. They're beginning to come way too close to the physical release.

I'm certain that price will rise and become the norm and we'll forget the value of a game cartridge or disc and cheerfully wallow in a more rigid gaming environment because that's all we're given.

The youth of today are content to stream music, movies and games because that's all they know. I'll take a shelf full of games, CDs and DVDs over an SD card any day.

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