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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 1, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Having tried Mt. Dew's Holiday Brew, a DIY initiative replicated more in our kitchen

Mt. Dew's Holiday Brew combo-beverage
Our kitchen sink became ground zero for concocting Holiday Brew mix with Mt. Dew and Code Red.
I've largely cut soda out of my diet, due to it's high sugar content. A YouTube video showing how well carbonated soda acts as a toilet cleaner also had an impact. Still, I get the urge for a Mt. Dew now and then.

During the holiday, my son and I discovered Mt. Dew's Holiday Brew at a local convenience store and decided to try it. To be truthful, we snuck two bottles into the movies to add a bit more pizzaz to Jumanji. While not a stellar release, this film was greatly enhanced by Holiday Brew.

Make Mt. Dew Holiday Brew At Home

Unable to find two-liter bottles of Holiday brew, we decided to make our own. The bottle's packaging confessed it's little more than a mix of Mt. Dew and Code Red, so why not mix up a batch at home? We snagged a two-liter bottle of each and headed home to make a mess.

Unsure of the exact mixture we went with a 50-50% of each. I poured half of the Mt. Dew bottle into a measuring cup with a spout, then poured half the Code Red into the Mt. Dew bottle. The final step was pouring the Mt. Dew from the measuring cup (the spout was very helpful) into the Code Red bottle. This left us with two 2-litter bottles of Holiday Brew!

I'm sure there are better mix percentages to tweak the flavor, but 50-50 seems to create the least mess, letting you use the original containers and only have to clean up one container. This concoction lent well to quenching thirst during our retro gaming sessions. Go mix up a batch!

Jumanji movie stand-up promo

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