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October 2018 Retro Gaming Article

October 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The 2020 release of Intellivision's Amico 2D game console will play retro games in a modern manner - in two years

Nintendo's Switch is starting to include Fortnite as a downlaod
It will play Inty, Atari, and Imagic games with modern controllers, internet store, and family friendly appeal.
I Wasn't paying attention to the calendar when Intellivision began teasing October 20th for a big announcement about a new game console. Falling on the anual Portland Retro Gaming Expo - a natural place to announce a new retro gaming console.

The arrival date is being listed as October of 2020 with a price between $150 ad $180. That all sounds reasonable until you read about the controllers. They will be wireless and dock with the console for charging and each will have an 3.5 inch color touchscreen. that doesn't sound economically feasible unless component prices drop over the next two years. But who knows, they might pull it off.

A lot can change in 2 years, but Amico sounds innovative, although a bit niche.
Most of the info I'm seeing is secondhand, so I'm eager to hear from Intellivision themselves. Some interesting features are emerging...

Amico is being billed as an online system with games being supplied by an online store. It doesn't sound like it will have a cartridge slot and certainly not one able to accomodate you existing Intellivision game carts. Games are said to cost between 3 and 8 dollars with a family-friendly atmosphere allowing only games rated "E" or "E10+".

Only original games will be sold - no ports. Any games based on former titles must be redesigned to include multiplayer. I've also seen reports that Amico will be a 2D gaming system, not meant to compete with the Big Three, attractive to those buying Nintendo's Classic Edition consoles.

I'm sure better info will flow shortly, but we'll have to wait two years to see what the Amico will actually become.

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