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May 2018 Retro Gaming Article

May 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

President of Intellivision Entertainment, Tommy Tallarico Joins Original Intellivision Team for new console

Atari VCS launches next week
Desiring to bring family fun back to gaming, Intellivision Entertainment wants to release a new video game console.
With the popularity of mini condoles and retro clones, this project feels similar, but with a fresh approach. Admitting up front that this in no way competes with the Big-Three hardware developers, Intellivision Entertainment is planning a console that emulates classic Intellivision games while supporting new games.

You may know Tallarico as a musician who leads Video Games Live, a concert company that travels the world playing orchestral music from video games for live audiences. He recently bought the rights to Intellivision with plans to launch it as a retro brand.

It sounds as if the former Intellivision, relaunched as Intellivision Entertainment, wants to bring the simplicity of early 80's gaming to a familiar platform to play old Intellivision games as well as new ones. Full details are promised on October 1, but they hint at a redesigned joystick. They mention wifi capability and an online store.

I'm intrigued. This is what I hoped Atari was trying to do with their new VCS. I'm interested to see what they plan to create. You can find their initial presse release on their site.

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