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January 2018 Retro Gaming Article

January 30, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Jaguar USB Tap lets you use an Atari Jag controller when playing Jaguar games on your computer

Jaguar USB Tap
Give those ROMs a better feel by using your Jaguar controller when you fire up your computer and favorite emulator!
As retro gaming goes boldly into the future, we see consoles connecting our favorite game carts to modern TVs and a variety of USB controller options. This is necessary as old hardware is lost to age or disposal. Here is a kickstarter for a conversion board that bridges your Atari Jaguar controller to USB for use with computer emulators. It adds a nice touch of "retro" to playing ROMs.

Jaguar USB Tap The Jaguar USB Tap Kickstarter campaign has a short video outlining it's use. The campaign is fairly sparse and is only seeking $150 from two tiers. $30 will get you a Jaguar USB Tap that will map your Atari Jaguar controller plug to USB.

The creator points out that the mapping of the Jaguar controller (with it's cumbersome 12-button keypad) to USB is available via an open source product, but combining the orders through Kickstarter brings down the cost. It also helps out those who dig the concept, but don't have the tech savvy to do it themselves (that's me).

The adapter has been verified "plug-and-play" with the VirtualJaguar emulator on Ubuntu Linux, Windows 7, and MacOS X. Check out the Kickstarter and see if this makes you want to fire up some Tempest 2000, Wolfenstein 3D, or Raiden.

We love our Jaguar, but some of it's library is easier to acquire digitally. I've always loved the Jaguar controller (not always a popular opinion) and would love to use it with an emulator!

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