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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 22, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This Joy Boy Switch concept proposes a Joy Con controlled handheld powered by Nintendo or Raspberry Pi

Joy Boy hardware concept
Gamers want to see their favorite retro games on the Switch, but we doubt Nintendo would be onboard with Joy Boy - but it's really cool!
Nintendo has made it clear that Virtual Console is over. Playing retro games on the Switch will take on a new form once their online subscription service is running. Fans are pissed. To be honest, I've repurchased the same games from the Wii to the Wii U and the 2DS. I'm kind of done buying the same games over and over. However, I did repurchase Donkey Kong for my switch since they finally released it with all the original stages from the arcade game. That's pretty cool!

Joy Boy hardware concept But I think that's the exception. Many of the former Virtual Console games were NES & SNES ports designed to run on the current hardware. Nintendo Life reported on this Joy Con idea, suggesting Nintendo's adoption of a scenario like this for releasing select classics from their past.

The originator of this Joy Boy concept also suggested it as a Raspberry Pi-based handheld, thus giving it the ability to play a much wider array of games via emulation. This seems the more likely route. Is the Joy Con's attachment scheme patented? Could a third party legally create a handheld that could dock with the Joy Con? I'm not sure.

The Joy Cons' small format makes them an interesting candidate as the controller for a device capable of running a myriad of games from many different platforms. I think the Joy Cons have more features thanI'm aware of - even though I've been playing with them for nearly one year. There's a lot of tech packed inside that could make an attached "console" very interesting. Love this idea... we'll have to wait and see if it takes off.

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