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March 21, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

As Toys R Us goes into Liquidation, an LLC with rights to KB Toys promises to save the toy industry

KB Tpus logo
Strategic Brands acquired rights to KB Toys about a year ago and the world feels upside down at the moment.
I grew up playing with G.I. Joe and Toys R Us was my go-to store for all the after-school action adventure a kid could ask for. Epic battles were won. Strategic missions were completed. Geoffrey Giraffe hooked me up with the things that drove my childhood. Nolan Bushnell made some dramatic inroads on my playtime as well.

So, a massive $5 billion debt finally sank any hope of maintaining Toys R Us. As this shocking news sank in, a company called Strategic Brands announces a plan to save the toy industry after obtaining rights to KB Toys. Coincidentally, Toys R Us acquired the leftovers of KB Toys when it went out of business in 2009. However TRU let the registration lapse and it was snatched up. Could this really be a realistic comeback for KB Toys? Time will tell.

Crazy times out there in toy retail. My one hope is that generations of kids do not grow up thinking WalMart is a toy store!

KB Toys storefront

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