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January 12, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Denied a PS4 copy of Night trap this past Summer, I snatched one during Limited Run's blowout sale

Night Trap for PS4
Over the summer, Night Trap was hyped intensely across social media and they sold out instantly!
As soon as I heard that Night Trap was coming to PS4 via Limited Run Games, I wondered if it would be sold under their usual first-come first-served sale beginning at 10am. I suspected it might and I grew worried. Having purchased several games from them, I've never had any sold-out issues, but Night Trap is different.

They bring physical copies of games to modern platforms. I love physical games, as opposed to soulless downloads, and love what Limited Run brings to gaming! But the popularity of Night Trap from it's roots as one of the first games to employ full-motion video to the establishment of the ESRB ratings board as a result of the game's controversy - this game would sell out fast!

When Limited Run Games announced their New Year's Day blow-out sale, I saw Night Trap listed - both the standard and special edition versions. I thought I might have a better chance this second time. In the end I was able to get a copy of the standard edition. I circled back to see if I could snag, the limited edition release too, but in those precious seconds... it sold out.

Night Trap characters The standard edition of Night Trap shipped and arrived a few days ago and I'm beyond stoked to have this game. It feels like a part of video game history! I remember all the controversy and Dana Plato's career at the time of it's original release. I also picked up the documentary film about Night Trap.

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