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February 26, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

McDonald's brought back the Szechuan sauce made famous on Rick and Morty... and I Don't care

McDonald's Szechuan sauce
I was stoked the first time out, but this time it feels like a bad joke taken too far.
That episode of Rick and Morty focused on McDonald's Szechuan sauce and it exploded across social media. Everyone wanted to relive the Szechuan-glory at the golden arches. Ronald McDonald listened and promised the masses the Szechuan sauce would return. And indeed it did... in extremely limited quantities. The dismal quantities ruined a perfect moment for McDonald's to shine and go viral in spectacular form. They screwed it up - big time!

They promised to bring it back in proper quantities. They tried. Today, McDonald's was wallowing in Szechuan sauce for their customers. Many turned out to snag a batch - probably to list on eBay - and experience that taste. The whole thing didn't feel right. You can't always go back. It was cool that they made good on the promis, but it felt late. Months have passed and I simply didn't care anymore.

Sure it was cool to see the sauce back for a day, but after the weak attempt and the months that have lapsed, McDonald's should have gone big - way bigger. They could have turned this into a much larger experience - like the first attempt, but old sauce wasn't motivating to me this time. Sometimes you have to do it right the first time. Very often the first time is the only chance you get. Better luck next time, Ronald.

Liz Katz with McDonald's Szechuan sauce n the other hand, Liz had a good time grabbing up some Szechuan sauce! Check out more of Liz Katz on Instagram.

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