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February 2018 Retro Gaming Article

February 4, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Releasing Monopoly “Cheaters Edition” indicates no one ever reads the rules

Monopoly Cheaters Edition
It's not a difficult game to play, but if it takes hours to complete, read the rules... you're doing it wrong.
Monopoly is the game everyone loves... to hate. We all play it. But when you ask about it's biggest downfall, most players will tell you it takes way too long to play. The game's duration will drop dramatically if you simply read the rules!

As a child we played most often during the long summer nights while on vacation. With nothing better to do, we'd sit around and laugh up the night as we went round and round the board. I'm not sure how many of these games we ever finished!Many years later, I began playing Monopoly with my son and we'd play a game over several days if not an entire week. But he was young and engaged by it all, so that was no big deal - we both had fun.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition As he grew up and began reading, he was interested in reading everything, including the rules for all the board games we played. After tackling the Monopoly rules, he announced we were playing it wrong. Wait, what? Yep, we were not following the rules! Suddenly we were finishing Monopoly in one sitting!

Cheaters Edition?

The long game durations apparently led to a lot of cheating. FYI- Those who cheat at board games shouldn't play them. Hasbro went so far as to "out" cheaters via a Facebook Cheat-bot that would allow players to report cheaters in real time.

I'll admit that's a clever usage of social media, but it also harvested some interesting info. Nearly one in two players cheated in some manner. Wow! So, the cheater's edition was born and includes a special set of cheat cards with specific cheats to pull off.

So, we get another variation of Monopoly - the Cheaters Edition. We have the original, a local town edition, the Kiss edition, and one with a Rick and Morty theme. Cheaters Edition is the most radical departure for the game. As fun as it sonds, READ THE RULES (RTFM) and see if your games take on a lesser duration and a bit more fun!

If you read the rules and discover how much fun Monopoly really is, you may want to drop by a bookstore. There are a lot of great books you may be interested in... now that you're reading :)

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