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January 14, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If you've ever thought of making your own NES games, NES Maker promises to make it easier

Mystic Searches made with NES Maker
Coding NEW games may become much easier with an innovative set of tools from 8-Bit Heroes, available now via Kickstarter!
NES Maker logo I'd heard of Joe Granato and his New 8-Bit Heroes project. I loved the concept! In short, he had always wanted to create his own NES game as a kid and decided, as an adult, to give it a try. He'd imagined an RPG game called Mystic Searches and learned how to code it and bring it to life in a very cool way.

The process involved a documentary film about NES development and resulted in a prequel game Mystic Origins. Hearing about this prequel, I ordered a copy and was very stoked when it arrived.

I'm looking forward to the larger Mystic Searches, but in the mean time Granato has taken the software development tools he created for Mystic Searches and is offering them as a suite of tools, called NES Maker.

You can own this front-end interface that will facilitate the creation of code for NES games without having to deal with coding assembly language - NES Maker does it for you. I'm sure it's not as simple as it seems, but this is a huge jump forward in bringing NES development to a lot more people. There are several stretch goals featuring moules for specific genres like RPG, fighters, and shooters.

Check out the NES Maker Kickstarter and watch both videos. The intro video sets the stage for the concept, but the second one (further down the page) answers a lot of questions. The kickstarter campaign is diverse and offers the software as well as some of the hardware needed to copy your game to an actual pcb and install it into a blank NES cartridge. Pop it in your NES and play your creation!

This campaign seems like a dream come true for those who've dreamed of creating their own NES game! I'd love to do that, but my lack of development skills always put it on the back burner. NES Maker brings the reality to the forefront of my thoughts. I'm no developer, but i'd love to make a video game! NES Maker might be just the tool to bring me closer to jumping in!

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