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June 2018 Retro Gaming Article

June 29, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nintendo re-released the NES Classic Edition today and the internet seemed happier than the last go round

Nintendo NES & SNES Classic Editions
I never thought I'd see an NES and SNES mini consoles next to one another on a retail shelf!
While Toys R Us wound down and closed, memories of lining up at it's doors for the chance to get one of Nintendo's mini consoles during the holidays came back hard. Today was the re-release of the original NES Classic Edition for those who never had the opportunity to purchase one back in 2016.

I managed to get two consoles for Christmas 2016 - one on launch day and the other at the next re-stocking shipment. Arriving 45 minutes before Toys R Us opened did the trick. But most folks were turned away when it was realized how badly Nintendo under-delivered inventory. Many stores only received three of four consoles per location. Crazy! Everyone seemed to want one.

So, what would the shopping scene look like almost two years later after a much more successful launch of the similar SNES mini?

I didn't feel the manic urgency across social media. Not even as re-launch day arrived, did the internet seem to freak out. Maybe lessons learned and seemingly applied for the SNES release last Christmas would be upheld for this later NES mini release. Or were people just plain over it?

I feel no need to get another one, so I resisted the early morning line ups and visited my local Best Buy after work. Even after the entire day passed, there was an NES Classic Edition sitting o the shelf at Best Buy. Back in 2016 these little beauties never made it to the shelf. You got in line and they doled them out at the register. No need to stock shelves.

I actually got a kick out of seeing both Nintendo mini consoles sitting Best Buy's shelf together. After the craziness of the past, I didn't think these things would ever bask in the calm without manic hands grabbing for them. What's next... N64 mini? Gameboy mini? Will Nintendo keep pace for the next holiday season?

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