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January 17, 2018 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Stop throwing away old pizza boxes- Nintendo LABO has a building project for you this Spring

Nintendo Labo
Nintendo announced a clever cardboard building project fully integrated with the Switch game console's technology.
Nintendo Labo logo With a nifty STEM-like scenario, Nintendo announced an alternate use for your Switch game console. Do you like making things? Building things? Tinkering? Nintendo LABO might be right up your alley.

Coming this Spring is an unusual product for your Nintendo Switch. Employing it's electronics, vibrations, and quirkiness, there are two projects you can order - also called Toy-Cons. The variety kit offers several projects from an interactive fishing rod to a piano... and an RC car! This toy-con is $70. At a slightly higher price is also a robot building kit.

I think this is a very cool revelation from Nintendo. Others think so too. Of course there are some doubters, but who else - but Nintendo - could pull this off? Both Sony and Microsoft have offered confusing upgrade paths for their video game consoles, making them powerful beasts of raw processing power. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but Nintendo constantly proves, processing power is not the only path.

Nintendo released a revolutionary console that is outselling it's rivals. Rather than develop a moe powerful SWitch, they completely re-invented a new way to play! Nintendo is focused on fun! In the end, those who only care about processor speeds aren't likely to understand Nintendo LABO, much less Nintendo's ability to think outside the box - way outside.

I think LABO will appeal to many adult gamers (especially those with kids) and kids themselves. I doubt it will expand Switch sales due to the hardwar's price point, but the publicity alone won't hurt. Nintendo's offerings in this cardboard construction genre are quite interesting, but imagine when third parties get involved!

Coming in April 2018, Nintendo LABO seems poised to boost the Nintendo brand and bring the Switch in a new direction - an unexpected direction. Start saving your old pizza boxes. I'm sure Nintendo's designs will spawn your inner-child to want to build more cool stuff!

Nintendo Labo If you're not a fan, you have to admire Nintendo's ability to evolve. A year ago many wondered if the Wii U had forever ruined Nintendo. Less than a year after launch, they are as strong a contender as ever and continuing to evolve in ways no one expected. Nintendo power!

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